G-Bag Grease Trap System SS

    Our Price £398.00

    G-Bag™ System 50 Litre Grease Trap:

    Premium grade stainless steel grease trap casing, 2 x G-Bags™, plumbing fixings with operation and maintenance guide.

    Easy Installation - No Contact with Waste - Sealed System - No Daily Cleaning

    Designed for above ground in-kitchen installation, this grease separator unit is simple to install and easy to maintain. 

    All the greasy waste stays out of the way contained in the G-Bag™ which makes the grease trap cleaning and maintenance so much easier for you or your commercial kitchen staff!

    Ideal for commercial kitchens serving an average of up to 120 meals per day with 1-2 commercial sinks discharging through the fat trap.
    Two G-Bag™ grease trap units can be installed in series to provide greater capacity of up to 100 litres for larger kitchen operations.

    Benefits to your business

    • Easy installation of G-Bag™ grease trap unit
    • Simple process to replace your G-Bag™
    • No more manual bailing of waste!
    • No more vacuum cleaning!
    • No more contact with the waste!


    This is the next generation of passive grease trap technology innovation. Future proof your business and see why others are making the change to a safer more hygienic in-kitchen solution. 

    Highly Effective Grease Management

    • Superior grease trapping and retention
    • No daily or weekly staff maintenance required
    • BS EN 1825 Compliant
    • Environmental and Building Regulations Compliant
    • Reduce smell associated with fat interceptor operation and maintenance
    • Premium quality UK manufactured stainless steel construction
    • G-Bag™ Replacement recommended at up to 3 monthly intervals
    • Free Delivery 

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