Underground Grease Trap Installation

Underground Grease Trap Installation

Underground Grease Traps and Drainage

Goodflo is a leading expert in the UK grease management sector, with a particular speciality in underground grease trap installation. These traps are designed for effective handling of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in medium to large kitchens. They're an excellent choice when space and proper drainage are key considerations. Our traps not only meet but often exceed the requirements of Building Regulations Part H and British Standard BS EN1825. This ensures that they effectively separate grease from your wastewater flow before it enters the municipal sewer system, just one of the reasons that underground grease traps are such a popular grease management solution. Their robust construction and underground location also mean they last for years, all while meeting environmental standards. By choosing Goodflo, you're investing in a system that safeguards your kitchen's drainage and helps maintain a greener environment. 


Benefits of An Underground Grease Trap 


Across all the various grease management solutions, the underground grease trap stands out as the pinnacle of efficiency and sustainability. Its many advantages are especially attractive to food establishments committed to both operational ease and environmental responsibility: 

  • Space-Efficiency: Great for sites with indoor space constraints, these traps offer a discreet and clutter-free solution under the ground, either internally or externally to your premises. 

  • High Capacity: Tailored for busy kitchens with high daily food production like busy restaurants, schools, care homes, bustling pubs, luxurious hotels and other food hubs. 

  • Environmental Compliance: Underground grease trap installations champion eco-friendliness - meeting and often surpassing stringent industry benchmarks. 

  • Reduced Blockages: They act as a formidable defence against blockages in soakaways, pump stations and septic tanks, consistently combatting the persistent challenge of FOG. 

  • Longevity: Positioned underground, these traps are shielded from external wear and tear, assuring a durable and extended lifespan. 

Investing in an underground grease trap installation with Goodflo is a decision that enhances your kitchen's efficiency and operational smoothness. Our underground grease traps not only prevent expensive drain blockages but also boost your kitchen’s overall productivity. With a grease management solution that promises minimal disruption, opt for Goodflo's underground solutions and ensure your establishment combines top-notch performance with unmatched value. 


Why Choose Us to Install Your Underground Grease Trap? 


Entrusting Goodflo with your underground grease trap installation ensures a blend of industry expertise and impeccable service. Here's our approach: 

  • Site Assessment: Recognising the distinct nature of every site, our first step involves an in-depth analysis to gauge your specific requirements. 

  • Tailored Solutions: Whether it's a bespoke design for a new project or adapting to an existing setup, we craft solutions that seamlessly fit your operational needs. 

  • UK-Crafted Excellence: We take pride in our range, which stands as a testament to quality. You're investing in durability, effortless maintenance and smooth installation. 

  • Comprehensive Support: We don’t just install and leave. Our commitment spans from our very first conversation to ongoing post-installation services, assuring your peace of mind. 

Choosing Goodflo is more than a purchase, it's a partnership. With us, you're not just installing a grease trap, you're investing in a long-term relationship defined by excellence and unwavering support. From our service and maintenance solutions to our grease trap tanker fleet that will empty your underground grease traps, we provide the full service. 


Once Installed How Often Does It Have to Be Serviced? 


Like all grease management systems, regular maintenance is key. Typically, depending on usage, underground grease traps should be serviced either monthly or quarterly. With Goodflo, rest assured that each service optimises your trap's efficiency and longevity. 


Contact Us 


Considering an underground grease trap installation in the UK? Let Goodflo guide you – contact our experts via email at sales@goodflo.com, call us on 01926 334466, or use our online form. We're ready to help and look forward to hearing from you. 

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