Grease Trap Supplier and Grease Trap Installation

Grease Trap Supplier and Grease Trap Installation

For over a decade, Goodflo has been at the forefront of grease management systems in the UK. As a dedicated grease dosing system and grease trap supplier, our ethos centres on delivering uncompromised quality combined with professional expertise. Our UK-manufactured range encompasses a variety of grease management systems, ensuring that every kitchen, whether large or small, can find a perfect solution tailored to its exact requirements.  

We don't just stop at supplying. Our grease trap installation services are streamlined to ensure minimal disruption to your operations, backed by our team's vast experience and technical know-how. Seeking a bespoke product? Or are you perhaps uncertain about the best grease management solution for your establishment? With Goodflo, you're partnering with a team dedicated to guiding you at every juncture, ensuring your kitchen remains efficient, compliant and environmentally friendly. 

Why Choose Us as Your Grease Trap Supplier? 


Goodflo stands out in the grease management solutions industry for several reasons. Rooted in a tradition of excellence, we consistently uphold the highest standards in quality and service. We maintain strong alliances with major grease removal unit (GRU) manufacturers, allowing us to curate a diverse selection of the most efficient and long-lasting grease traps, readily available on our user-friendly online platform. Our tailor-made solutions cater to the unique needs of every customer, and our comprehensive pricing, covering supply, installation and ongoing maintenance, ensures transparency and value for money. With Goodflo, you're not just choosing a grease trap supplier, you're choosing a long-term partner committed to excellence in grease management systems. 


Why Choose Us to Install Your Grease Trap? 


At Goodflo, we understand that the successful operation of a grease management solution relies not only on the quality of the product but also on the precision of its installation. Every grease trap installation we undertake speaks volumes about our meticulous approach, rich industry experience and dedication to our customers. We begin by conducting an in-depth assessment of your site, ensuring that your selected grease removal unit perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. Our expansive range of in-kitchen grease traps, biological dosing systems and underground grease trap installations cater to a diverse clientele, from bustling large-scale kitchens to intricate food manufacturing businesses. With Goodflo's installation services, you’re investing in seamless integration, longevity and unparalleled efficiency in your grease management systems. 


Grease Trap Installation: Where Will It Go? 


Selecting the optimal position for your grease trap is fundamental to ensuring its peak performance. For many establishments, especially those with space constraints, grease traps are commonly placed near dishwashing stations to facilitate swift and efficient wastewater processing. On the other hand, sprawling premises or those desiring a more inconspicuous solution can benefit from underground grease trap installations, which remain unseen yet equally effective. Moreover, some businesses opt for in-kitchen placements for easier access. At Goodflo, our expertise lies in assessing your establishment's layout and operations, enabling us to recommend and implement a location that ensures maximum efficiency, minimal intrusion and effortless integration with your existing grease management systems. 


Once Installed, How Often Does It Have to Be Serviced? 


Ensuring the optimal function of your grease trap means regular and robust maintenance. Typically, based on the usage and system type, a monthly, or quarterly, service is recommended. Choosing Goodflo means a smooth servicing experience – our seasoned experts oversee that your system maintains its peak performance. Additionally, we handle all essential legal and environmental compliance documentation, granting you peace of mind in your grease trap installation. 


Looking to integrate or refine your grease management systems? Goodflo is just a call or click away. Connect with our experts via email at, call us on 01926 334466, or simply drop a message through our contact form. We're keenly waiting to assist and ensure your grease trap supply and installation are seamless and efficient. 


Pricing Examples

Here are some examples of pricing for systems supplied and installed with a planned service:

Grease Removal Units - From £189* per month (Supply, Install and Quarterly Service) 

G-Bag™ Grease Trap System - From £119* per month (Supply, Install and Monthly Service) 

Grease Dose Premium Dosing System – From £79* per month (Supply, Install and Quarterly Service)

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