Architects and Specifiers

Architects and Specifiers

Architects and Specifiers

We offer free, friendly and expert technical advice on the specification, application and product suitability for all commercial kitchen new build and refurbishment to our architects and specifiers partners.

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With over 20 years specialist grease management experience, and no affiliation to any one supplier in managing FOGs for commercial kitchens and food production operations, we provide independent unbiased solutions and technical advice.

The ideal grease trap in the architectural design of commercial kitchens offers several benefits, both in terms of functionality and compliance with regulations. At Goodflo, our experts can help ensure the ideal grease traps for commercial kitchens such as your current project, fit perfectly in your designs and plans. Some key advantages of the ideal grease trap include:


Compliance with Regulations

Properly designed and installed grease traps in commercial kitchens need to meet local and national environmental regulations, which our knowledgeable team can make sure of.


Optimal Space Utilisation

Our grease trap and FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) solutions can be accommodated in your designs to work efficiently without compromising on workspace, function or aesthetics. Helping the kitchen to work smoothly and meet all regulations. 



The ideal grease trap for commercial kitchens, or FOG solution, will be designed to be incorporated into your initial kitchen plans to accommodate diverse types and sizes of kitchens. This flexibility ensures the grease trap can effectively handle varying levels of FOG production.

Suitable System

There are various FOG management systems available, and our team has the knowledge when it comes to ensuring your commercial kitchen plans have an appropriate system that can handle its load. With a wide variety available, it is recommended to consult with experts, such as our team at Goodflo, to ensure your FOG management system not only, functions optimally for its role, but also fits its position and is accessible. Available systems include grease traps/interceptors, grease recovery units (GRU), automatic grease removal devices (AGRDs), combined grease and sediment interceptors, passive biological grease remediation, grease recovery ventilation systems (GRV) and chemical degreasers. 

At Goodflo, we have over 20 years of experience in the design and supply of grease traps for commercial kitchens and have partnered with numerous architects and specifiers, ensuring the right solution is built into the kitchen designs. Get in touch with our team and let our expertise benefit you. 

FOGs management is our business! Call us on 01926 334466 or complete our contact us form.

Summary of Building Regulations:

Part H1, Section 2.21

“Drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator complying with BS EN 1825-1 and designed in accordance with BS EN 1825-2 or other effective means of grease removal.”

To comply with BS EN 1825 grease traps need to be large underground interceptors with pre-sediment chambers. Goodflo offer a range of high volume grease traps that meet these requirements and we are able to help with the BS calculation to determine the most appropriate unit. Call us on 01926 334466 for further information. 

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