G-Bag Grease Trap System Service Contract

G-Bag Grease Trap System Service Contract

G-Bag™ Grease Trap from £119*

Our G-Bag™ service contract is an efficient way to avoid build-up in your drainage system. Leave your under sink grease trap responsibility to us and you can focus on the important job of managing your business.  

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How does the G-bag™ Grease Trap Service Contract Work?


  • Initial Supply and Install cost
  • Service plan tailored to you business
  • Supplied, Installed & fully maintained


1. Simple

We supply and install the G-Bag™ system within 14 days of contract completion.

2. Effective 

You carry on with your business and G-Bag™ and our team take care of the grease management.

3. Painless 

From £119* per service visit our team replace the G-Bag™ and remove the fat trap waste for environmental disposal providing legal and environmental compliance documents.

* Service plans will be tailored to your business and include the consumable G-Bag, waste disposal and compliance documentation managed by Goodflo on your behalf.


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Goodflo G-Bag™ System - See and Smell The Difference

The G-Bag™ Grease Trap system is the next generation of in-kitchen grease traps. Watch the video clip to find out why.

Amateur Manual Grease Trap Cleaning 



Watch the last 30 seconds!

Contact us today to discuss how our G-Bag™ service contract will ease any pain you have with kitchen grease traps and their waste management.

Note: Grease trap waste is classified as a Controlled Waste by the Environment Agency and it is the legal responsibility of the kitchen owner/operator to provide proof of removal and disposal of the waste by a registered waste carrier.

Call us today and find out why these businesses and many more choose Goodflo and our G-Bag™ system: 

  • Ed's Easy Diner
  • Chilango
  • Brown and Green Cafe
  • College of North West London
  • Pomeroys Bistro
  • Dyrham Park Country Club
  • Furze Down School
  • Slim Chicken
  • Camino
  • LG Electronics
  • Kanada Ya
  • and many more......

* Contract terms and conditions apply.