Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning and Grease Removal Unit servicing, and waste removal, can be carried out at a time suit your business. Ask us for a free tailored quote to provide a Programmed Planned Maintenance (PPM) service.

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Why is it an essential part of effective FOGs control in your drainage systems?

This ensures that your Under Sink or Underground Grease Trap, Biological Dosing System or Grease Removal Unit remains effective and continues to provide ongoing protection from disruption to your business associated with grease blocked drainage, foul odours and pest infestation.

Without a regular programmed planned maintenance, all types of grease interceptors fill to capacity and fats, oils and grease pass straight through. We also recommend that biological dosing systems and electro-mechanical grease traps are professional serviced on an appropriate schedule.

Grease trap waste is classified as a controlled waste and you may be asked by the Environment Agency, Water Company or an Environmental Health Officer to provide evidence that your grease management systems have been serviced regularly and any waste has been removed by a register carrier for environmental disposal.

We are registered waste carriers and will manage on your behalf full environmental and legal compliance documentation.

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Professional Planned Maintenance of Grease Separators and Grease Removal Unit

With highly trained and experienced operatives and specialised vacuum equipment we can service at any location for grease traps/grease removal units from 20 litres to 20,000 litres in capacity.


  • Inside a building
  • Outside a building
  • Above ground
  • Below ground
  • In a basement
  • On any floor


Grease Separators and Grease Removal Unit servicing and waste removal can be carried out at a time suit your business. This will ensure that these regular services do not interrupt the day-to-day commercial activity of your business. If the odour of servicing and waste removal causes your business a problem call us to discuss our "odourless maintenance" grease trap solutions.

Our professional grease interceptor and grease removal unit servicing process includes waste build up removal and cleaning the entire contents of the unit, inspection of the drain runs and your drainage systems, flushing through with fresh water and the waste removal from site for environmental disposal.


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