What is a GreasePak Drain Dosing System? 

What is a GreasePak Drain Dosing System? 

The GreasePak biological drain dosing system provides commercial kitchens with an effective means of grease removal to prevent the recurrence of drain blockages from fats, oils and grease (FOGs). Helping your business to avoid interruptions whilst remaining compliant with environmental health.

Using small daily doses of GreasePak's proprietary grease breakdown fluid, bio fluid, they reduce grease build up in oyur pipes, while also coating the inside of your pipes to prevent thecollection of grease deposits that might need costly repairs.

Why Do I Need a Grease Dosing System? 

Every commercial kitchen needs to comply with legal requirements around grease removal, and a grease dosing system for you, as well as supply GreasePak bio fluid.

A GreasePak ssytem can work alongside your existing grease traps, as a means of keeping your drains flowing free, or as a standalone solution helping to keep your kitchen clean and compliant. It uses easy to change , bag in a box GreasePak bio fluid, making grease management effortless.

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Why Choose Us? 

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