GreasePak Fluid Replacement 3 x 5 Litres

    Our Price £123.00

    Master Box 3 x 5 Litre Replacement Cartridges

    Refills for Greasepak grease dosing solution. 3 x 5L boxes of doing fluid supplied in a master box which with standard dosing will be approximately 3-months supply.

    A bio-degradable, environmentally friendly and non-hazardous product. Mechline's GreasePak is a powerful bio-fluid which is ultra efficient in degrading fats, oils and grease from the waste wash-up water in commercial kitchens. FOGS are degraded into simple molecules that solidify, preventing them from re-forming. 

    GreasePak refills are contained in a 5-Litre box which are easy to store, handle and connect. Easy to twist on which avoids spills of the fluid.

    Bio-Enzyme Replacement Fluid contained in 5 Litre cartridge box for easy connection and use with GreasePak automatic dosing system.

    Greasepak Efficient Grease Management

    Buy a cost effective grease dose solution to clear fats, oils and grease and prevent drain blockages in your commercial kitchen business.

    Works efficiently with all of our grease trap products.