Tanker Services for Large Grease Traps

Tanker Services for Large Grease Traps

If you run a commercial hot food kitchen, you’ll be well aware of the legal compliance required to stop fats, oils and grease (FOG) from getting into the sewer system and causing anything from slow drainage to full-on sewer blockages, sometimes nicknamed ‘fatbergs’.  

If you work in a big kitchen, you may have a jumbo-sized high-capacity underground grease trap to cope with the amount of FOG your establishment produces. Whatever type of large grease trap you use, just like their smaller under-sink counterparts it will need periodic emptying to ensure your FOG deposits don’t begin to overflow into the wider drainage system. To ensure your large grease trap and overall grease management system remain in good working order, you’ll need a regular cleaning schedule. 

In most cases, inside your large grease traps the FOG will float to the top of the tank as it is less dense than water, while any solids that make their way down your wastewater pipes will settle at the bottom of the trap, eventually bringing the trap to its full capacity if left unchecked. This is where Aqua Mundus, and our nationwide fleet of vacuum tankers, can help. Get in touch with us today to book your next grease trap service or to further discuss your requirements. 

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Vacuum Tanker Services 


The efficiency of a regularly scheduled grease trap emptying program ensures your kitchen never has to face the prospect of unexpected – and expensive – downtime caused by an overflowing grease trap. Our high-powered fleet of vacuum tankers make light work of emptying large grease traps and grease separators.  

We can send a tanker to service your grease trap starting at capacities of just 1000 litres, and our high-powered fleet can cope with even the largest capacity FOG traps. Thanks to our extensive network of service centres and partners all over the country, we can provide grease trap services to every corner of the UK. 



Legal and Environmental Compliance   

With the grease trap services our tankers provide for the owners of large grease traps, we can vacuum and clean the full capacity of your trap, transport the waste to a certified environmental disposal facility and take care of all the necessary legal and compliance documentation too, significantly reducing the headache of grease trap management for you and your kitchen. 
Not only does a regular schedule of cleaning and emptying help keep your grease trap in good working order, but it also prevents FOG from entering and causing harm to the local area. It’s the easiest way of ensuring compliance with both local and national environmental regulations. Contact Aqua Mundus today and rest assured that your large grease traps are being looked after by the best.