Grease Management

Grease Management

Grease Management

All Commercial Kitchens produce fats, oils and grease (FOGS) in their food preparation, cooking and wash up. Goodflo provide solutions and solve your grease management problems, so call us today.

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Servicing your business for:

  • Water borne fats, oils and greases (FOGs) with in-kitchen grease traps, underground grease traps, grease removal units and biological grease dosing systems.
  • Whatever your grease management needs we are here to help. 
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Fats, oils and grease (FOGS) are a common problem!

All Commercial Kitchens produce fats, oils and grease (FOGS) in their food preparation, cooking and wash up. The results are both air and water borne FOGS which need to be managed, to avoid your business being interrupted by drain blocks, foul odours, pest infestation or fire. Without action and leaving this to chance could lead to environmental hygiene enforcement or legal prosecution and fines.

Hot food preparation particularly of meat, fish and fried foods produce the greatest volume of both air and water borne fats, oil and grease, however, you may be surprised that café and coffee shops wastewater with cream, milk and coffee grounds cause drainage blockages and odour problems. We do not promote single solution products, this allows us to tailor the most effective solution for your business regardless of its size, location, type or budget. 

We have many years’ experience and as a result you can truly regard us as experts in commercial kitchen grease management. You can benefit from having all your grease management with one expert business or choose individual products and service support for grease trap cleaning. 

We provide solutions and solve the problems of:

  • Slow draining pot wash sinks
  • Blocked kitchen drains
  • Foul odour complaints from customers and staff
  • Kitchen staff hygiene issues as a result of cleaning and servicing grease traps
  • Landlord and Water Company enforcement
  • EHO compliance

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