Grease Removal Units

Grease Removal Units

What is a Grease Removal Unit? 

A grease removal unit (GRU) is an advanced type of grease trap solution designed to tackle the challenge of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in commercial kitchens. Unlike traditional grease traps, GRUs are dynamic systems that actively and continuously remove FOG from kitchen wastewater as it passes through the unit on its way to the sewer. This process not only prevents blockages in the wider sewer system but also simplifies the environmental recycling of these waste substances.  

Among the various brands of GRUs, Goodflo recommends the comprehensive Grease Release unit as the epitome of this impressive technology, combining ruthless efficiency, with robust legal compliance and forward-thinking eco-friendliness.  

Once you’ve settled on the installation of a GRU rather than a traditional grease trap, our comprehensive services include the supply, installation, cleaning and servicing of these sophisticated units, ensuring your kitchen has an end-to-end FOG solution from the moment you start cooking to the second the waste grease leaves your premises. 

The Benefits of Having a Grease Removal System 

Implementing a grease removal system in your commercial kitchen offers many great advantages. Firstly, it significantly reduces the risk of drain blockages and the associated kitchen downtime and repair costs. Secondly, efficiently capturing FOG at the source helps maintain a cleaner and more hygienic kitchen environment. Thirdly, these systems contribute to environmental sustainability by effectively enabling the recycling of FOG waste.  

Additionally, it’s important to note that for commercial hot food kitchens, having some form of grease removal unit is not just a practical necessity but also a legal requirement. This ensures compliance with wastewater regulations and helps avoid potential fines or more serious legal action. Finally, the efficiency of our recommended Grease Release units also means less frequent cleaning and maintenance, translating into long-term cost savings for your business. 

For supply, installation and service please contact us for our latest pricing - 01926 334466.

Various Types of Grease Removal Units

 Grease removal units come in various designs and styles to suit different kitchen sizes and needs. Goodflo provides expert advice to help you select the perfect GRU for your establishment, whether it's a compact under-sink model for smaller kitchens or a robust high-capacity unit for larger operations. Get in touch for all the information you need to make the right choice. 

Why Choose Us? 

Choosing the right provider for your grease removal system is as important as the system itself. At Goodflo, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive service from initial installation to ongoing servicing. Here are some reasons why Goodflo is the preferred choice for grease solutions: 

  • Prompt Delivery: Goodflo ensures quick and reliable delivery of your grease removal unit, minimising downtime and keeping your kitchen running smoothly. 

  • Free Shipping: Benefit from our free delivery service on select Grease Release products, making your purchase even more cost-effective. 

  • Easy Installation: Our experienced technicians ensure hassle-free installation, integrating the unit seamlessly into your kitchen setup. 

  • Solutions for All Kitchen Sizes: From small eateries to large-scale dining establishments, our grease removal units cater to kitchens of every size. 

  • Technical Support: Goodflo offers ongoing technical support, providing peace of mind and expert assistance whenever you need it. 

  • Free Quote: Contact us for a comprehensive quote, tailored to your specific requirements, with no obligation to purchase. 

When you choose Goodflo, you're getting reliability, quality and peace of mind – we're here to support you throughout the lifecycle of your grease removal unit. Contact us today to experience the Goodflo difference in grease management. 

Check Out our Grease Removal 

Explore our recommended Grease Release unit below. For the latest pricing and detailed information on supply, installation and service options, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01926 334466, drop us an email to or use our online contact form to request more information from our highly experienced engineers. 




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