Buy Underground Grease Traps Online

Buy Underground Grease Traps Online

At Goodflo, we understand the importance of keeping your kitchen operation running as smoothly as possible, and just how disruptive blocked drains and poor management of fats, oils and grease (FOG) can be.  

Our offering of efficient, compliant, and industry-leading grease management solutions combined with ongoing support and maintenance is the complete package your kitchen needs to stay hygienic and functional.  

With an underground grease trap from Goodflo, you’re opting for a discreet, space-saving and environmentally sound solution to your FOG management issues.   


Which Grease Trap Do I Need? 


An underground grease trap will help offer improved longevity over other solutions thanks to being sheltered from the elements and can handle large volumes of waste before needing to be cleaned. They’re an ideal solution for busy kitchens such as large restaurants, schools, care homes, hotels, and other high-traffic environments where discreet, efficient FOG management is required.  

If you’re unsure about which grease trap solution is right for your business, get in touch with our expert team today and we’ll help you find everything you need.  

You can call us on 01926 334466, email us at, or fill out our contact form by clicking here.  


Can I Install My Own Underground Grease Trap? 


In short, no. Because of the possibility for things to go wrong in FOG management, there is a world of regulations and guidelines surrounding the installation and maintenance of grease traps. Thankfully, it’s a world we at Goodflo know very well.  

We offer the supply, installation, and maintenance of all kinds of grease traps to help you stay operational and legally compliant with ease.  


Why Choose Goodflo For Your Underground Grease Trap UK? 


At Goodflo, we offer a number of benefits to our customers, especially when buying online:  

  • Prompt delivery: We offer rapid delivery and installation on a huge range of underground grease traps, getting you operational and compliant in no time.  

  • Free delivery on selected items: We’ll even cover the delivery costs for you on a number of items from our online store.  

  • Easy installation: All of our products are easily installed, limiting installation costs, and we can even install your underground grease trap for you.  

  • Suitable for commercial kitchens of all sizes: No matter the size of your operation, we’ve got grease traps to suit your needs, from 100 litres to 2,600 litres.  

  • Free technical support about all products: A key part of what makes Goodflo different is our commitment to helping our customers. We’ll provide technical support free of charge with all our products.  

  • Variety of products: We have a huge number of FOG management products available online to suit any size of kitchen operation.  


Find your Underground Grease Trap Online here 


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