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Useful Support


When it comes to grease management, having an experienced ally can make all the difference. At Goodflo, we take pride in being your indispensable partner. Our commitment goes beyond providing our quality products, we can also be an integral part of your ongoing operational efficiency. Backed by years of expertise, we ensure that our clients, trade partners and third parties have uninterrupted access to exceptional technical support and grease management solutions.  

From guiding you on grease dosing to providing specifications for grease traps, our team stands at the forefront of industry knowledge. Furthermore, with a finger on the pulse of ever-evolving regulations and compliances, we promise to keep you not only informed but also a step ahead. By partnering with Goodflo, you're aligning with expertise and genuine dedication, creating a seamless grease management journey for your enterprise. 

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Free Technical Support and Site Visits 


Embarking on a new build or considering a refurbishment? The team at Goodflo is equipped to provide free, precise specifications for grease traps and comprehensive grease management systems. Beyond our discussions, we extend our expertise through technical drawings and, if necessary, on-site visits by our seasoned engineers. These visits aren't just routine checks, they are a testament to our commitment, ensuring that every aspect of your setup is considered.  

By meticulously analysing the unique dynamics of your site, we ensure you receive pinpointed recommendations tailored to your distinctive requirements. This hands-on approach amplifies our capability to offer precise solutions. You can trust us for unbiased product advice and enduring support through each phase of your project. 


How We Can Help 


At the heart of Goodflo lies our commitment to exceptional grease management solutions, driven by years of unparalleled industry expertise. While our range of products is second to none, it's our all-rounder approach that truly distinguishes us. We delve deep into understanding the specific needs and challenges of each client, ensuring tailor-made strategies that prioritise effectiveness and sustainability.  

Beyond just offering products, we strive to provide end-to-end solutions. From initial consultations to after-sales support, our dedicated team stands by your side, guiding you at every step. Our vast knowledge, coupled with hands-on experience, translates into strategies that are not only compliant but also innovative. Dive deeper into our range of support services below to see how we can further enhance your operations and knowledge. 


Grease Dosing Support 


Maximise your system's efficiency with tailored grease dosing. Goodflo's grease dose solutions cater to varied kitchen needs, covering FOG discharges for all sorts of different setups. Kitchen practices and food types can influence FOG levels, so if you need clarity or guidance, our team is only a call away. Explore our detailed grease dosing support for comprehensive advice. 

Grease Dosing Support


Disposal of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Support 


Effective FOG disposal is vital not just for operational efficiency but for compliance and for the environment too. It's essential to grasp best practices for handling and disposing of fats, oils and grease. Goodflo offers guidelines and insight into managing this waste responsibly. Want in-depth knowledge and resources? Explore our guidance on FOG disposal and stay ahead in maintaining your kitchen's sustainability. 

Disposal of FOG Support


Technical Support for Grease Management 


With no affiliation to specific suppliers, our advice remains unbiased and grounded in experience. We specialise in aligning FOG management systems with your unique needs, ensuring all regulations and environmental compliances are met. Whether you're seeking guidance on product suitability, regulatory specifics or need assistance with particular challenges, our team is here to help. 

Technical Support


Legal Compliance in Grease Management 


Maintaining compliance is fundamental. We navigate a complex web of legislation concerning fats, oils and grease management in commercial kitchens. Whether it's the Building Regulations, the Water Industry Act, or the Environmental Protection Act, Goodflo knows the law. Dive deeper into the legal compliances here, ensuring your operations stay within the law. 

Legal Compliance Support


Food Safety Compliance 


Food safety goes hand in hand with managing in-kitchen wastewater and grease. When grease traps are in proximity to food prep zones, compliance becomes even more critical. It’s essential to be informed and meet the standards to protect both your patrons and your business. Dive into the intricacies of food safety and discover valuable insights to guarantee your compliance. 

Food Safety Compliance


Duty of Care Law Guidance 


This law applies to nearly everyone involved in the production or handling of waste. At its core, it mandates taking necessary steps to ensure waste is managed correctly, from its production to its disposal, and that those handling waste are authorised to do so. Violations can result in hefty fines. Immerse yourself in the intricacies of this law and how it affects your operations with our comprehensive guide. 

Duty of Care Guidance


Grease Trap Compliance and Enforcement 


The last thing you want is to receive a grease trap compliance notice concerning your disposal of fats, oils and grease - swift and responsible action is crucial. UK water companies actively enforce these regulations to prevent costly drainage blockages and potential health hazards. Delay in compliance not only risks fines and business closures but also incurs significant cleanup costs. Before things escalate, let Goodflo guide you towards effective solutions. 

Grease Trap Compliance Support


Architects and Specifiers 


When designing or refurbishing commercial kitchens, precision and technical knowledge are paramount. With over two decades of grease management expertise, Goodflo offers impartial, expert advice to architects and specifiers. Our recommendations are unbiased, based on our comprehensive understanding of FOG management and its regulations. Ensure your commercial kitchen designs are compliant, efficient and optimised with our guidance. 

Architects and Specifiers Technical Support


Trade Partners 


Goodflo's collaborative efforts with trade partners underpin our leadership in grease management solutions. With streamlined partnership registration and instant access to our expansive product and service range, we ensure efficient service delivery. Stay updated with the latest in grease trap technology, benefit from top-tier service and leverage trade discounts.  

Trade Partner Support


Grease Trap Product Data Sheets 


Looking for comprehensive information on grease management products? Our product PDFs offer a deep dive into specifications, installation procedures, safety measures and more. Whether it's our signature G-Bag system, grease dosing solutions or high-capacity interceptors, gain clarity through our detailed datasheets. Should you have further inquiries, our support team is ready to assist. 

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For any inquiries or support, please contact us via email at, phone us on 01926 334466, or use our online contact form. We're always ready to help and address your concerns.