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We are a customer focused, ISO9001 UKAS accredited, professional grease trap business, providing preventative and problem solving solutions, for our commercial kitchen customers, in the management of harmful water and airborne fats, oils and grease (FOG’s). 

Goodflo are the experts in grease management, a specialist that offers the complete service in greasy waste-water management and airborne FOG’s including grease trap, grease separator, grease interceptor, and fat traps.

We work very closely with our nationwide customers to prevent business interruption as a result of FOG drain block flooding, foul odour, and pest infestation. We provide full legal service documentation and technical support to ensure compliance with environmental agencies, water authorities and insurance.

Be part of our environmental waste to energy partnership programme.

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Catering Waste Solutions, Grease Trap Sales and Renflo are trading names of Goodflo Ltd.

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