Premium Drain Grease Dosing Systems

Grease trap dosing units and grease management systems are used by commercial kitchen and catering professionals to provide an automated daily dosing regime. This prevents the build up in the fat trap of harmful fats, oils and grease discharged in their wastewater wash up and cooking process.

This proven technology uses selected micro organisms to digest grease in your kitchen operation drain run. Each day, at the end of service and wash up, a programmable, high quality, automatic grease dosing pump releases a measured dose of Grease Dose enzyme solution.

The dosing solution degrades grease deposits and forms a natural culture barrier to prevent further deposits and build up in your drain lines and grease trap. 

This product can be used alone or in conjunction with a grease trap.

Our online store provides high quality grease management products to buy for all of your commercial kitchen fat trap requirements.