Avoiding Business Interruption

Avoiding Business Interruption

Avoid The Interruption

When your kitchen stops because your drains have clogged with the build-up of fats, oils and grease from your pot wash wastewater wash-up YOU ARE LOSING MONEY.

There is no other way to say it – it’s your own fault!

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Grease Management

Avoiding business interruption through good grease management is no different to making sure you have good relationships with your food and drink suppliers, general waste removal or kitchen appliance maintenance contractors.

With a well specified and installed grease management system combined with a reliable and professional planned maintenance and waste removal agreement you will avoid business interruption caused by the build-up of fats, oils and grease in your kitchen drainage.

You wouldn’t wait until you ran out of produce before ordering more – would you?

Why wait until your staff are complaining about slow draining pot wash, blocked drains causing local flooding, foul odours or landlord or water company enforcement.