Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Solutions that work best for your individual requirements.

Many customers are worried that their choice of grease trap or grease management system is going to be costly, won’t work effectively or will need lots of maintenance by kitchen staff.

Others worry that the system they choose will be acceptable to satisfy their landlord, water company or environmental health officer.

Some have had previous experience of grease traps that smell, need constant kitchen staff maintenance or need replacing much sooner than they expected.

These are just some of the concerns our customers ask us about. Check out our Knowledge Centre page to see what others have been asking and how we have provided the peace of mind and solutions that work best for their individual requirements.

If we have specified your grease management system and it doesn’t work, we will put it right – guaranteed.

If someone else has specified your grease management system and it doesn’t work – call us and we can help fix it.


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