Goodflo G-Bag System PE

    Our Price £215.00

    G-Bag Grease Trap System 50 Litre PE includes:

    The popular G-bag system with the same excellent grease trap performance in a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Casing, 2 x G-Bags, plumbing fixings with operation and maintenance guide.

    Ease of use

    Typically the G-Bag system is installed and used effectively by small to medium sized commercial kitchen operators who do not want the hassle of daily or weekly cleaning and removal of fat trap waste. The G-Bag out performs other in-kitchen waste traps on health, safety and hygiene as the waste is completely sealed inside the G-bag and there is no need for contact in normal daily use. The unit is small enough to fit into most commercial kitchens close to the pot wash sink.

    Grease separator efficiency

    The G-Bag system removes fats, oils and grease as well as food particles from your daily wash up. It provides protection from build up of fats, oils and grease that cause blockages in your drainage system and will satisfy requirements of landlords, water companies, building regulations and environmental agencies. 

    The hard wearing HDPE casing has a clipped lid, will wipe clean and is easily removed for all round cleaning.  

    Benefits for your commercial kitchen

    Ideal for kitchens serving an average of up to 120 meals per day with 1-2 commercial sinks discharging through the grease trap. 

    • No more manual bailing of waste! 
    • No more vacuum cleaning!
    • No more contact with the waste!

    This is a robust in-kitchen fat trap product that will provide years of effective protection at a great price with low ongoing maintenance cost.