G-bag Grease Trap + Dosing Package

    Our Price £645.00

    Goodflo G-Bag System + Drain Dosing Package includes:

    Premium grade stainless steel casing, 2 x G-Bags, plumbing fixings and operation and maintenance guide PLUS the automatic dosing pump (battery) and 25 litre Grease Dose Premium solutions.

    Cost effective grease trap system

    The Goodflo G-bag Grease Trap system PLUS Grease Dose Premium automatic drain dosing package. This combined system will provide you with the maximum protection and compliance in wastewater grease management.

    Buy this package considerably cheaper than separate individual price and you gain complete control of your kitchen grease management.

    Commercial kitchens reap benefits 

    Ideal for kitchens serving an average of up to 180 meals per day with 1-2 commercial sinks discharging through the grease trap. 

    This is the next generation of passive grease trap technology innovation. Future proof your business and see why others are making the change to a safer more hygienic in-kitchen solution. 

    With this package, you will be investing in this innovative passive fat trap. Your commercial kitchen will benefit no-end by choosing a more hygienic and safer in-kitchen solution.

    • No more contact with the waste!
    • No more manual bailing of waste!
    • No more vacuum cleaning!

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