Coffee Culture Britain...but where do the grounds go?

Coffee Culture Britain...but where do the grounds go?

Booming high street café culture continues in the UK where we drink around 98 million cups of coffee every day with 80% of coffee shop visitors doing so at least once a week. Our love affair with caffeine has no signs of ending. 

So where does that leave those waste coffee grounds as there is surely a mountain out there with all that coffee being drank? And where does it end up? On the whole, dumped down our sinks where the soggy coffee grounds solidify into a cement like substance in the pipework. 

This inevitably causes drain blockages resulting in problems for the wastewater flow and potentially business interruption. Ultimately, it could mean the involvement of your local Water Company with their responsibility for implementation of environmental legislation.

How do we prevent environmental nightmares? 

Coffee grounds have many uses which are environmentally 
sound such as garden fertiliser, garden pest repellent and an efficient composting material. So rather than drain dumping the coffee grounds from your customer's cappuccino, you can collect the grounds and prevent drainage problems instead. 

How should we trap the coffee grounds?

The coffee ground sediment can be collected with our filter trap, the innovative F-Bag system.

This is designed to separate out the grounds through the fine mesh F-Bag filter which prevents them from reaching your drainage pipework. The F-Bag keeps all of the wash up waste sealed away reducing odours in your café operation.

This efficient coffee ground filter system is easy to install under the wash up sink and provides a hygienic solution for your business. This helps you to avoid the hassle of jetting your drains when a blockage occurs and prevents further drainage issues, leaving you to get on with the important day to day running of your business. 

F-Bag replacement is easy, so only limited maintenance is required by your catering staff. It's such a simple yet innovative solution, ideal for coffee shops, cafés and tea rooms. 

Filter Trap know-how  

Our many years of environmental and technical expertise surrounding servicing and maintaining grease traps provides us with the experience to successfully supply our innovative filter trap product for tea rooms and coffee shops across the UK. 

With the café culture set to continue booming and environmental issues being high on the agenda, rightly so, the F-trap allows you to serve your customers their lovely latte without the worry.

Give us a call today for advice about how the F-Bag system can help you to keep your business running smoothly and your clientele eager for their espresso!

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