Over 20 Years Experience

Goodflo are the experts in grease management with a complete service that includes site survey, specification, installation and ongoing service and support. We supply a broad range quality grease traps and grease management systems tailored to your specific needs and budget. We're are the specialist that offers the complete service in fats, oils and grease commercial kitchen waste-water management. Importantly for your business we are here for you on an ongoing basis long after you have installed your grease trap, grease separator, grease interceptor, grease removal unit and fat trap or biological dosing system product. We provide ongoing service and maintenance with environmental waste removal and disposal and all the legal and environmental compliance documents managed by us on your behalf.

The key things to remember is you don’t need to be an expert in grease management, landlord, water company or environmental compliance because we are.

Goodflo take pride in over 20 plus years’ experience that allow us to quickly understand a solution that will work for your unique needs now and into the future.

Check out our Knowledge Centre, Sectors and Case Studies where we you will find answers to question customers just like you have asked us over the years.