London's Monster Fatberg

London's Monster Fatberg!

Back in June, we blogged about a gigantic 'fatberg' in a Belfast sewer and the importance of installing commercial kitchen grease traps. 

Well, this time it's London's turn! 

The BBC has reported that sewer workers will take three weeks to tackle this monster fatberg.

Weighing in at 130 tonnes (roughly the same weight as 11 double decker buses WOW!), it has congealed in the sewerage system under Whitechapel.


What causes a fatberg?

These unwelcome fat blockages occur when residential waste, such as baby wipes and sanitary products, are disposed of down into the sewers. They become entangled with fats, oils and grease (FOG) and create the blockage known as a fatberg.

Thames Water recommend ways in which residential households can dispose of their FOGs and nappies! But, this serves as another timely reminder for food and catering businesses. Responsible grease disposal is essential to keep our waste water systems moving.

Thames Water estimate removing fatbergs from their network of sewers costs £1m each month. Water companies are keen to spread the message that installing a fat trap or grease management system helps to avoid these environmental consequences. 

Restaurants, pubs and hotels need to avoid ending up in hot water, as the enforcement of environmental legislation grows across the UK.


Install a grease trap to avoid related costs

If your food establishment lacks a grease separator, you could be risking your own drain blockages. This could result in costly clear-up measures and possible prosecution.

Furthermore, badly smelling odours and pests are all possible resulting consequences if an effective waste management system is not established. Commercial kitchens using our products avoid associated business interruption and potential clean-up operation costs.

At Goodflo, installing our grease trap is quick and easy. Our innovative G-Bag system provides a hygienic under-sink grease trap. 


You, or your kitchen staff, avoid contact with the waste as it's contained within the G-Bag.

Our highly efficient system takes away your grease management pain. Phew, that's one less thing to worry about for your business!

Grease management technical support

Here at Goodflo, we have years of expertise and technical know-how to help support food-serving establishments needing a grease trap. 

Our G-Bag system may be the product for you or a larger underground trap may be suitable depending on your business. Either way, let us help solve your grease waste disposal problems

If you need some advice about current water company legislation or you have queries about how and where a grease trap can fit into your commercial kitchen, feel free to call us.


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