G-Bag Grease Trap provides fish & chip outlets with hygienic solution

Fog Disposal

The disposal of fats, oils and grease (FOG) into drains and sewers can cause major issues. When disposed of down commercial kitchen sinks and drains, this waste solidifies to form blockages which can lead to pollution and potentially flooding. 

The water and sewerage companies in the UK respond to approximately 366,000 sewer blockages every year and fatbergs are becoming more commonplace. Many of these blockages are preventable when adequate procedures to dispose of fats and food waste are adhered to. There are a number of regulations and legislation in place, which takeaway outlets and commercial kitchen operators hold responsibility for, relating to the management and disposal of FOGs.

Free Technical Support

Kitchen wastewater management specialist, Goodflo, offers existing and new customers technical advice and support about the legal implications for FOG management alongside innovative products to adhere to such legislation. 

Russell Fraser, MD, Goodflo says “For their wastewater grease management, customers look for simple, cost effective solutions which avoid drain blockages, whilst reducing odours and limiting the involvement by their kitchen staff.” 

Grease Trap for Chippies & Takeaways

Goodflo has recognised the needs for takeaway outlets and chippies by supplying the in-kitchen G-Bag grease trap. This product provides a hygienic and innovative fat trap for all manner of food establishments. If space is an issue, the G-Bag can be accommodated easily with it's compact design. Customers are free to manage their businesses whilst the G-Bag takes care of environmental compliance and avoids grease trap cleaning interruption for their kitchen operations. 

If you're a fish and chip shop or takeaway business with questions about how to settle your grease disposal issues, we can offer free, up-to-date specialist assistance. For more information about Goodflo and G-Bag™, call us today

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