Disposal of Fats, Oil, Grease and Food Waste

It is important to dispose of food, fats, oil and grease responsibly. Discover best practices and helpful guidance here.

oil ladle

Water UK information leaflet

Water UK publishes a very useful leaflet in partnership with the Environment Agency, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Consumer Council for Water and defra.

The leaflet entitled Best Management Practice for Catering Outlets provides a background of the cause and effect of fats, oil, grease and food waste in the drainage system and helpful tips on training, handling and storage of commercial kitchen waste.

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Guidance on Grease Traps

Water UK publishes guidelines for grease traps, which include:

  • know where your grease traps are located
  • check your grease traps regularly
  • grease trap maintenance is a specialist operation
  • consider contracting a specialist for service and waste management
  • keep records of grease trap cleans and waste disposal

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