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Café Operator in large shopping complex

Q. My landlord is has instructed me to install a grease trap system due to an increase in drain blockage problems. There are other restaurants in the shopping complex and nearby, how can I prove we are not the cause of this problem?

 A. In short you cannot. It is likely that all commercial kitchen operations, without some form of grease management, in your area are contributing to the problem. All commercial and domestic kitchen wastewater contains fats, oil, grease and food particles. Good kitchen practice will ensure that you minimise what enters your drainage system.

A grease trap close to the source of your wastewater discharge will be the most effective method of control and demonstrate to your landlord that you are not liable for any future costs associated with grease blocked drains.

City Centre Restaurant

Q. We operate a busy city centre restaurant with a basement kitchen, which pumps the wastewater to the main drainage system. The water pump regularly clogs with grease and has been replaced several times at considerable cost. With limited space what is the best solution?  I have been told biological dosing will work?

A. Space restrictions are a common problem in commercial kitchens. Although biological dosing systems take up little room in this case it would not be the recommended solution. The biological process of breaking down fats, oil and grease is ongoing and takes time and this may not prevent the problems with your water pump. An in kitchen grease trap will trap the waste at source and help to protect your water pump. Space may be an issue, as regular daily and weekly cleaning requires access and headroom to remove and clean filters. A good alternative would be the Goodflo G-Bag System, which can easily be unplumbed and re-positioned for monthly or quarterly servicing.

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