Customers Love the G-Bag Service Bundle

Posted on November 3, 2015
Archive : November 2015
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During Autumn 2014 Goodflo introduced the G-Bag Service Bundle offering to a limited number of new and existing customers.

For a fixed monthly cost a G-Bag grease trap system is supplied, installed and fully serviced by Goodflo service engineers including replacement G-Bag, waste removal for environmental disposal and customer full legal compliance documentation.

Managing director Russell Fraser says "We introduced the G-Bag service bundle as a result of work with existing customers..........successful restaurants and kitchen operators want to concentrate on their business and what makes them money, the G-Bag service bundle means that their own staff do not have to get involved in any maintenance or cleaning of the grease trap...

...With no upfront capital costs and a fixed monthly contract cost, our customers love the fact that they can budget and have confidence in our service, allowing their staff to focus on delivering great service to their customers."