Why Choose a Grease Removal System 

A traditional Grease trap as the name suggests separates and retains the trapped waste. The waste builds up over time and must be fully removed fro the grease trap to remain effective.

A Grease Removal Unit (GRU) continously separates fats, oils and grease from your wastewater for collection into an external container. 

Grease Removal Unit or Grease Trap?

We have highlighted the key considerations to provide information rather than advice to help you make a log-term decsion that is best suited to your circumstances.

If after reading the following you would like to discuss your individual requirements further please call or email us. We are friendly and helpful, we won't pressure sell any one product and aim for long-term satisfied customers who would be happy to recommend us.

Key Things to Consider

      • Initial Capital Cost
      • Full Life Cost
      • Onsite Maintenance Requirements
      • Professional Maintenance Requirements
      • Waste Management and Disposal
      • Water Company, Landlord and Environmental Compliance

Consider Costs                                                                                           Grease Removal Unit                                         Grease Trap                                         
Initial Capital Cost                          From £1800 Plus InstallFrom £400 Plus Install
Professional Maintenance   Quarterly Service Advised               Site specific recommended between one and three month intervals            
Staff Cost     Daily Cleaning and Waste Management         Daily Cleaning and Waste removal to No staff involvement    
Waste Management and Disposal           Aggregate with Used Oil for collection and removal                                                           Professional Grease Trap cleaning and Waste Removal      

Consider Compliance                                                                                                  Grease Removal Unit                                                                                     Grease Trap                                                                                 
Water Company EnforcementPreference for many this varies by water company area and individual enforcement mandate requirements.        Accepted by Most
LandlordPreference for some available space may require the solution where meal production volumes are high        Accepted by Most
Environment Agency                    Accepted              Accepted
Building Regulations                    Accepted              Accepted


Individual site circumstance vary due to meal production volume, space available and where enforced by Water Company or Landlord their mandated requirements. We are very experience in helping customers through the enforcement process. 

Whole life cost of your equipment and system should be considered taking into consideration staff  time and cost in daily maintenance requirements.

We work with partners to provide a range of finance options that provide an attractive monthly cost to include maintenance and waste removal.

Grease Guardian, Grease Sheild, Grease Release and Big Dipper are some of the brand names for Grease Removal Units!