F-Bag Filter Trap System

    Our Price £279.00

    Easy installation

    Designed for above ground in-kitchen installation, this filter trap unit is simple to install and easy to maintain.
    Ideal for coffee shops, tea shops and cafés. This simple to use F-Bag system, separates and traps coffee grounds and food solids, removing them from your wash up and protecting your drains from potential blockages.

    Benefits to your business

    • Avoid costly drainage jetting issues
    • Avoid interruption to your daily business activities
    • Hygienic and simple for all catering staff to use 
    This is the next generation of passive trap technology innovation. Future proof your business and see why others are making the change to a compact, safer and more hygienic in-kitchen solution
    Package includes premium grade stainless steel filter trap casing, 2 x F-Bags, plumbing fixings with operation and maintenance guide. Filter trap unit dimensions are 300mm x 200mm x 200mm.