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Goodflo and G-Bag system

Chilango logo  "Goodflo provide an excellent service backed by a great product, the G-Bag system has delivered everything promised."

  Chilango - voted the best Burritos and Mexican in London

Goodflo and G-Bag system

The Mess Logo  "Just a quick update on the Goodflo grease trap...Me and the team are extremely happy with the trap system and the service you provide, especially the boys you send down. Real big shout to them. Very swift and a good laugh! Thank you for your service."

  The Mess Café, Manchester - Mark Ney, Head Chef

G-Bag Grease Trap system

Cattlegrid Restaurant  "The Goodflo 'G-Bag' grease trap system works great for us and I recommend it to industry friends whenever the subject (of commercial       kitchen wastewater grease) comes up.."

  Steve Novak MD, Cattle Grid

Fat Trap Service and Maintenance

"Darren did a great job and was perfectly on time and very professional, so thank you. We would like to set up an ongoing contract with you to ensure that the trap is cleaned on a regular basis......."

Sue, Roxie Steak Cafe

Customer Service Focused

@Gr8gGreaseTraps great, reliable, patient.

Owner, Aqua Food and Mood

Goodflo 'G-Bag' Grease Trap System

"We are delighted with the G-Bag system, it offers the perfect solution for us. As a high care production kitchen our demands for a hygienic, simple and odour free operation and maintenance were fully understood by Goodflo technical team. Excellent customer focused understanding and ongoing service."

Adam Isted MD, Fresh Kitchen

G-Bag System

"...........I have received my order. I would like to thank you for your excellent service."

Hamad Alfouzan, Kuwait 

Customer Service Response

Firstly, just wanted to thank you SO much for attending yesterday to look at the leaking grease trap. Turns out there was an issue with the pump, but really appreciated your quick and professional response to my emergency! What a wonderful service. Darren was so helpful and professional. Please thank him again from me.

Sue, Fulham