Camp Kernow

Camp Kernow are a not-for-profit organisation based near Truro, who help to motivate and educate young people. Goodflo are happy to support Camp Kernow with their fantastic environmental endeavours promoting a more sustainable future.

Helping to Support Camp Kernow

We are delighted to have donated the innovative Goodflo liner grease trap product to help support Camp Kernow in their activities with young people.

The Goodflo liner product is an innovation in grease trap technology allowing users to safely and hygienically trap fats, oils and grease (FOG), discharged in commercial kitchen wastewater wash up, without coming into contact with the waste.

Not only protecting the environment from the harmful effects of FOG waste, the waste collected can then be used in a waste to energy programme.

Camp Kernow Is a not-for-profit organisation committed to providing education, involvement and motivation for young people to take positive action towards securing a more sustainable future.

Through outreach programmes and their Education Centre near Truro, children can enjoy a day or residential visit to gain practical, first-hand experience of sustainable living techniques and renewable energy technologies.